About Everyday Practices

In the spring of 2015, WellAhead asked over 1,400 people two questions: “What does your school do to support students’ social and emotional wellbeing” and “what do YOU do to support students’ social and emotional wellbeing” Everyday practices are one way to frame and understand the responses to that second question: the many things that we do day to day to support our children and youth.

In fall 2015, we worked with six school districts in BC to identify everyday practice ideas that had potential to be adopted by school communities. Using a social innovation lab framework, we brought parents, teachers, students, administration, and community partners together to share their perspectives and ideas in a co-design process. We then prototyped and iterated those ideas: the first seven ideas you see on this site are the result of that iterative process.

None of these ideas are new: as creative and resourceful practitioners, we are accessing hundreds of 'everyday practices' as we work to holistically support youth in schools. We believe it’s important to come together as parents, teachers, students, administration to focus on wellbeing. Being intentional about our day to day actions can make a difference to student & teacher wellbeing.

The everyday practices identified on this website are only one small subset of the many practices that exist to support social and emotional wellbeing. We invite you to share the practices you’ve found most useful here; for further resources and ideas related to this work, please visit our resources page.